Frequently Asked Questions

It is our policy not to discuss with potential grantees before they submit their requests due to the large number of requests we receive. You can submit your request using the form you will find online and/or by letter accompanied by all the relevant information that will allow us to assess your request.

Under the Income Tax Act, the FSAB can only make donations to charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

You can submit your request in French and in English.

The amount depends on the project for which you are requesting funds. It is important to indicate an amount in your request. .

No. All requests must be submitted online or by email at

You may submit any documents you deem necessary. This may include:

  • Documentation relating to your major fundraising campaign, as applicable
  • Documentation relating to your project
  • Your financial statements
  • Your most recent annual report
  • The list of members of your CA

We review all requests based on established assessment criteria including, but not limited to:

  • The connection with the mission and values ​​of the FSAB
  • The financial health of the organization
  • The merits of the project
  • The impacts that the project will have
  • Tools for measuring results and benefits for the community

Yes, they are accepted.

All requests must respond to the mission and values ​​of the FSAB. It may happen that we exceptionally accept requests in other fields related to related to intellectual disabilities and arts and culture.

There is no deadline. We assess requests throughout the year.

No. The FSAB requires a minimum of time to properly review and assess a request.

Requests are processed within a maximum period of 4 months. A written decision is sent once the assessment is complete.