Our involvement

It is thanks to initiatives and collaborations that it is possible to set up great projects related to culture and education, to see to the well-being of individuals and to advance research. Here are some examples of which we are very proud.

Fondation Place des Arts
Adaptive Arts Program

This program offers an introduction to the performing arts through workshops for individuals with functional limitations, allowing them to fully express themselves.

Université Concordia
Arts Therapies Programs

These programs are intended for youth and adults who are neurodivergent or have developmental disabilities (including autism spectrum disorders), youth in foster care and other groups requiring accessible services.

Université Laval
Faculty of Music

Part of the financial support from the FSAB will contribute to the development of the international project l’Université des jeux(nes) musiciens and the other part will be for excellence and commitment intended for music students.

Women's Y Foundation
Art that feels good

The YWCA of Montreal and its Foundation have put in place a plan for the future that will improve and make accessible to as many women and girls as possible programs and services that will effectively meet their needs. This action plan will come to life in a new environment in full revitalization in which the Women’s Y of Montreal will actively participate. The FSAB will particularly support the program Arts that feel good. A space will be entirely dedicated to the different forms that art therapy can take.

Montreal Holocaust Museum
Programmes éducatifs du futur MHM

The MHM informs and educates people about the Holocaust and the universal dangers of anti-Semitism, racism, hatred, and indifference. By supporting its educational programs, FSAB will help promote respect for diversity and the sanctity of human life.